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  • Convenient - Do-It-Yourself. Make adjustments on your schedule.<br>Easy to Use - Interactive screen graphics and clear audio instructions.<br>Fast - CHECK confirms your tune quality in under 30 seconds.<br>Complete - TUNE provides barrel nut adjustments in under a minute and complete limit screw verification and adjustment in less than 10 minutes. *requires In-App purchase<br>Precise - Ensures shifting accuracy to +/- 0.125 mm (0.005 inches), less than 1/8 barrel nut turn.
  • Platform Compatibility: iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, & 6s+ running OS 8.1 or newer including iOS9<br>(Android not currently supported).
  • Rear Derailleur Compatibility: Shimano 9-11 speed derailleurs<br>SRAM 9-11 speed derailleurs<br>MTB with barrel nut at handlebar have limited support/functionality.
  • Audio-Guided Adjustments: <br>CHECK: Confirms tune quality / need for further adjustment<br>TUNE: (Fast) Barrel nut only<br>TUNE: (Complete) Barrel Nut, High Limit, Low Limit, Cable Tension.
  • *Tuning and multiple bike profile functions require In-App Purchase; ranging from single use to one year programs. Click here for details. Note: The OTTO App includes other Free functionality, including the all-new CHECK function, which does not require In-App purchase.


Don't put up with sloppy shifting. The OTTO Tuning System de-mystifies and simplifies the derailleur adjustment process, giving everyone the power to adjust their bicycle with professional precision.

This smart Tuning System uses the iPhone's camera and a set of engineered gauges to check shifting alignment, and provides verbal prompts that lead users through any needed adjustments. The OTTO App offers progressive levels of functionality with both CHECK and TUNE options, as well as a multiple bike profile feature. Simple enough for the weekend cyclist or bike racer to use, yet precise enough to earn a spot on the mechanic's workbench, it's ideal for pre-ride/pre-race shifting confirmation, after wheel changes, or for regular maintenance.