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Slime 10162 Tube Tire Sealant, 1 Gallon

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  • Prevent and repair flat tires with Slime Tube Sealant. Once installed, Slime works instantly and repeatedly, sealing punctures for up to 2 years.
  • Instantly Seals Punctures up to 1/8" (3mm) using FibroSeal Technology
  • Non-toxic, Non-corrosive and Cleans up with Water
  • Great for Bicycle and Dirt Bike Tires


Permanently seals tube punctures up to 1/8th inch. Non-toxic formula installs easily through schrader valves. Complete with valve core remover and filler tube. Slime keg fills 160 tires at 1/2 the price per ounce of the 16oz size.