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AcePac LPX Pot and Pan Set.

  • Volume marks.
  • Heat excanger for effective heat transfer.
  • Pot: 1000ml / Pan: 500 ml.
  • Diameter 15,5 cm. height: 12,5 cm.
  • Weight: 300g.


The AcePac LPX Pot set is comprised of a 1 litre pot and a 500ml lid / pan with handles, supplied in net carry bag. They are made from aluminium and coated in hard anodised finish with a heat exchanger built into the 1 litre pot bottom. This streamlines the transfer of heat from the stove burner to the bottom of the pot without unnecessary losses, estimated to save fuel consumption by 30%.

It is possible to store a 230g Gas Cartridge, Pinguin Surpass gas burner, and folding spoon within the pot set when not in use (Not included). Fluid measurements are marked on the inside to make it easier for cooking.

The maximum volume of the pot is 1litre but it is recommended for safety to only heat fluids up to the volume of 800 ml.

Available separately is the LPX Shield which increases stove performance by reducing the effects of wind on the burner.