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Grips Ergon Evo Slim Blue

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Out of Stock

  • Recommended for glove sizes: Small / Medium (6.5 - 8.5) or for preference of smaller diameter grips.
  • Directional Grip Texture – Opposite to Hand Rotation,for Maximum Grip. Improved Pressure Distribution in Thumb Area.
  • Internal Core with Cut-Outs, Complement Grip Textures. Additional Damping on Grips‘ External Edges. Multiple Grip Textures for Improved Feel.


At the top of the Enduro and Gravity community! The first ergonomic, rider orientated grip for wide riser bars. Supporting the ‘elbows out’ hand / arm position popular in downhill riding. – The GE1 tilts the grip area 8%, placing the elbows in the correct position automatically. Forged aluminum inboard clamp, with fully integrated ‘end plug’ which is part of the internal core (Patent Pending) – This internal core allows the grip edge to be soft for damping vibrations, so the hand can be placed correctly at the end of the bars. Therefore, the pressure-sensitive ulnar nerve on the outer hand is protected. Compatible with carbon handlebars.
The GE1 Slim has a slimmer construction as the GE1, designed for those who prefer a slimmer grip by for smaller hands or purely preference. The GE1 Slim grips offer a more ‘direct feel’ than the standard GE1.